General Information & Installation

The Texas Superior Animal Waterer is a watering device unlike any other on the market. It has only one moving part: the float. The float is configured in a fixed location, functions to maintain a constant water level within the waterer and operates without needing to be adjusted. The functionality of the float maintains the water level at a depth of approximately 2 ½” from the bottom of the water box, which consists of approximately 1 gallon of water. This water level is constant due to the float’s operation and cannot be changed. The watering device also has a very rapid refill rate, thereby allowing an animal to drink continuously until satisfied. It has the capability to receive an incoming water flow at a rate of approximately 200 to 240 gallons per hour (gph), and an incoming water pressure ranging from approximately 20 psi to 50 psi. Water enters the watering device through a ¾” female garden hose connection. The sides of the water box are configured at a height that is well above the fixed water level maintained by the float, thereby limiting the ability of an animal to splash water out, which is a major problem with many waterers available in today’s market.

The Texas Superior Animal Waterer is constructed of 316 stainless steel and requires little to no maintenance other than routine cleaning. Water may be drained from the watering device through a 1” female pipe threaded coupling mounted in the center of the bottom portion of the water box. This centralized drainage location allows for quick draining and also creates a small vortex that allows for most of the debris that may accumulate at the bottom of the device to be evacuated. We suggest adding a ball valve to this coupling to facilitate the cleaning process.

Float Replacement

The float is located at one end of the watering device and is shielded by an easily removable access cover. The access cover is provided to protect the float casing from inquisitive animals and/or from foreign debris. The access cover is also designed to facilitate easy and quick float replacement.

If the float ever needs to be replaced this can be done by: 1) turning off the water supply, 2) loosening the water supply line, 3) removing the 3/8“ long #10-32 threaded brass knurled thumb screw on the front portion of the watering device (near the left end), 4) sliding the access cover back and lifting it off, 5) removing the old float, and then 6) simply sliding the new float over the channeled receivers in the float compartment (where the old float was secured). Replacement floats can be purchased from TEXAS SUPERIOR ANIMAL WATERER or are available at most feed stores or farm and ranch suppliers.

Permanent Mounting & Installation of the TEXAS SUPERIOR ANIMAL WATERER

Mounting and installation of the Texas Superior Animal Waterer is quick, simple, and can be done by inserting bolts or other fasteners through the installer’s choice of the 7 predrilled holes provided on the unit. The installer may determine which holes are best suited for the given mounting situation. Additional holes can be added at the time of installation, if needed. There are several ways the unit can be hooked up to a water supply. To accommodate your installation needs we have a full line of fittings, hoses, valves, etc. that may be purchased for a minimal charge. Please see the accessory sheet for a complete listing.

Mounting Pictures & Installation Kits

Please see the enclosed pictures showing several ways to hook up and install the entire Texas Superior Animal Waterer unit. These pictures will identify each part that is required to hook-up the unit. The unit can be hooked up overhead (above the water box) or underground (below the water box). Each application with reference to mounting and installation is different. The installer may discover a more practical way of installation best suited to their individual situation.

Alternative or Temporary Mounting

The Texas Superior Animal Waterer is one of only a few watering devices currently available on the market that offers a means of temporary or alternative mounting. Such temporary/alternative mounting is simple and can be done by inserting bolts or other fasteners through the predrilled holes provided on the unit and then through brackets measuring 1/8” thick x 2” wide with hooks bent over at the top. The brackets/hooks provide for easy remote mounting and removal allowing for a temporary or even semi-permanent mounting option with rigid support. All bolts/fasteners are supplied. The part number for the brackets/hooks is #16108. Please see the accessory sheet for more information.

Water Supply

The water supply is provided through a ¾” straight female garden hose threaded connection that is accessible through a hole in the access cover near the back of the watering device on the left side. Water can be supplied from a simple garden hose, by hard pipe, or via PVC depending on the owner’s preference (water supply materials/devices with the ability to withstand an incoming water pressure of 20 psi to 50 psi are suggested). A shut-off valve may be installed to facilitate the operation of the unit.

Flow Meters

There are two different types of flow meters offered. Flow Meter #16105 is a digital in-line flow meter that measures in tenths of a gallon and is mounted on the inlet supply line. Flow Meter #16106 is also a digital unit with a flow sensor that is mounted in the inlet supply line but the digital display must be mounted in an area where the horse cannot come in direct contact with the display. Please see Horse Water Requirements.


A silicone pad heater is available upon request. This heater pad is equipped with 3M brand self-adhesive and is mounted on the bottom of the waterer unit. It comes complete with a temperature controlled thermostat. The heater comes on when the water temperature drops to 34 degrees Fahrenheit (± 5 degrees) and turns off when water temperature reaches 45 degrees Fahrenheit (± 5 degrees). In a recent test with the ambient temperature of 15° Fahrenheit, the heating cycle was approximately 22 minutes. This heater and temperature thermostat must be mounted by Texas Superior Animal Waterer facility. This heater is durable and long lasting.

Valves, Fittings & Hoses

For your convenience, we offer a complete line of brass and PVC fittings, braided stainless steel hoses, valves, and other products (including flow meters) for purchase at time of ordering. These products are offered at competitive prices and provide you with a one stop shopping experience. Please see the accessory sheet for more information.

Cleaning the Water Box and Float Area

Most individuals will not find it necessary to clean the float compartment area every day, but rather will do so at specific intervals. To clean the float compartment area: 1) turn off the water supply to the unit, 2) remove the 3/8“ long #10-32 threaded brass knurled thumb screw on the front portion of the watering device (near the left end), 3) slide the access cover back and lift it off, 4) remove the plug or open the ball valve, whichever is present, from the bottom portion of the unit’s water box and allow the water to drain. With regular cleaning, most of the debris should be carried away with the draining water. With the drain open, the water supply inlet line will allow some water to come into the watering device to assist with removal of the debris.
If you require any additional information or advice please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for purchasing the TEXAS SUPERIOR ANIMAL WATERER – undoubtedly the absolute best and most reliable animal waterer available in today’s market. Its’ simple, self-contained design requires little to no maintenance and its durability will last for many years to come.

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